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This is a newsletter for people who want to know more about the European Middle Ages and how that period’s ghosts still haunt our own world. We’ll post essays, interviews, book reviews, and note upcoming events and activities that we’re participating in.

Who is Modern Medieval?

We are David M. Perry and Matthew Gabriele, co-authors of The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe (Harper Books, 2021) and the forthcoming Oathbreakers: The Carolingian Civil War and End of Empire in Early Medieval Europe (Harper Books, 2024).

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More email. But hopefully good email. Plus insight. Hopefully good insight. To put it another way, you’ll get 1 email from us a week (though sometimes more) with announcements, information, and analysis related to the European Middle Ages.

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Nope. Although we’d love for you to buy our book, you can just lurk and read and chat with us.

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Matthew Gabriele

Professor. religion/ violence. medieval/ modern. nostalgia/ apocalypse. THE BRIGHT AGES (Harper Books, 2021). OATHBREAKERS (Harper Books, coming 2024). Neutral Good. he/him

David M. Perry

Journalist. Historian. I also do dishes.